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Aug '09

Durango, CO to Telluride, CO to Durango, CO – 220 miles

The GF wanted to go for a motorcycle ride while I was in town. We talked over a couple of options and decided to go to Telluride as she had never been there. She was also the official photographer for the day and did an excellent job taking most of these photos while riding behind me and an even more excellent job of not dropping her cell phone while taking them.

This is the scenery near the town of Mancos, CO.

The next two pictures are of Sleeping Ute mountain, a famous landmark near Mesa Verde National Park.

We stopped in Delores to get gas and the GF happily hopped off the bike proclaiming that her butt was numb. I’m afraid the back seat of my motorcycle is not very comfortable and it must have been a painful ride most of the day. The GF is a trooper though and she hardly complained the entire trip.

It got cloudy as we headed up into the mountains. The next two photos are of Lizard Head mountain.

There are some impressive mountains and rock formations on the way to Telluride.

When we got to Telluride we had lunch at Smugglers brew pub and did a little walking around downtown Telluride.  I forgot to pay the parking fee while we were there but luckily we managed to leave before the “meter dude” found us.

We did a quick tour of Telluride Mountain Village and headed back to Durango. It felt pretty good to get off the bike after a long day. Since we had eaten so late in Telluride we just grabbed some snacks at the grocery store and headed back to the motel room.

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1 Comment » to “Durango, CO to Telluride, CO to Durango, CO – 220 miles”

  1. obha Says:

    Hey! What awesome views! Pics are pretty! Looks like you’ve been having a great time on your travels and adventures! Be safe, buddy and take care on any new adventures!

    Always, ob