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Sep '09

National Parks Tour

The Iron Butt Association has many different motorcycle rides that members can complete to earn certificates. One of these is the National Parks Tour.

“Purchase a “Passport to Your National Parks” book…”

“Visit at least 50 National Parks, National Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Recreation Areas or any other site or park listed in the Passport book in at least 25 states within 1 year. You may start any time you like and finish any time you want.”

During the next few weeks I will be riding from Durango to North Carolina and back and am going to try and complete as much of a National Parks Tour as I can. I still have an entire year from when I start to complete it.


3 comments to “National Parks Tour”

  1. ob Says:

    hey there! wow! 9 sites, 5 states! sweet progress, dude! have fun and be careful and safe travels always…


  2. Robert Bashaw Says:

    Good job!

    My advice, add some twist and stay off the Interstate. :-)

  3. Curtis Says:

    Thanks Robert. I like staying off the interstates but as usual I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.