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Sep '09

Durango, CO to Mesa Verde NP, CO to Durango, CO – 113 miles – Start of National Park Tour

The purpose of today’s ride was to purchase my National Parks Passport book and to get my first stamp to start my National Parks Tour.  Mesa Verde NP is fairly close by so it was a short trip. At the entrance station I purchased an annual National Park pass which lets me get into all the National Parks, National Historic Sites, National Monuments, etc for one low annual fee. I’m sure it will pay for itself on this trip.

The road from the entrance station to the visitors center is a very twisty 10 miles and I was dismayed to see a motorcycle down in front of a guardrail about halfway in. There were already three ranger vehicles there so I was waved on by. Hope it wasn’t serious.

I got my “passport” book and a stamp from the park to start my National Parks Tour and then toured the park for a bit.  Here are a few pics.

Woohoo! My National Parks Tour has started.

National Park Tour progress so far – 1 site, 1 state.

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