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Sep '09

Elizabethtown, KY to Chillicothe, OH via Lincoln Birthplace Memorial NHP and Hopewell Culture NHP – 288 miles

Got a late start today as I changed time zones again yesterday and was pretty beat after yesterday’s ride. It had rained overnight so I turned on the weather channel and it showed a line of thunderstorms had moved through from south to north.

As I was loading my bags on the motorcycle I noticed I was starting to have an ocular migraine. These aren’t normally painful for me but it does affect my vision for a while. After I got the bags loaded and checked out of the motel I went next door to Waffle House to get some food in my stomach and let the migraine subside.

I had just gotten the bike started when it started to rain again. The motel owner was outside and we both just shook our heads. It was fairly heavy but let up a few miles down the road.

My first stop was the Lincoln Birthplace Memorial NHP in Lincoln City, KY. I watched the video in the visitor center and took a few pics.

The 56 steps of the memorial represent the 56 years in Lincoln’s life. Inside the memorial is a replica of the cabin Lincoln was born in. They ask that you not take flash photos in the memorial.

After the Lincoln Birthplace NHP I headed north back through Elizabethtown and got on I-65. Just south of Louisville, KY I ran into the back side of the storms that had gone through Elizabethtown overnight. As I got on the bypass around town the rain got heavier and heavier. As the weatherman had put it this morning….it was “torrential”. I was staying fairly dry with my new rain jacket and my riding pants were staying dry behind the fairing. That all changed when traffic slowed to get on I-71 and the rain could now fall vertically on my legs. It took about 30 seconds before I felt the water getting through. I guess I DO need rain pants as well as a rain jacket.

After about 40 miles of heavy rain I punched through to the other side and the rain subsided. I grabbed lunch just north of Cincinnati and continued on to the Hopewell Culture National Historic Park. I got my stamp and watched the video. The video basically said that they really know very little about the people that built the mounds here, but they are very old.

I was still pretty soggy and I needed to wash clothes, so I got a motel room, changed into dry clothes and did the laundry.

National Park Tour progress so far – 13 sites, 9 states.


2 comments to “Elizabethtown, KY to Chillicothe, OH via Lincoln Birthplace Memorial NHP and Hopewell Culture NHP – 288 miles”

  1. ob Says:

    safe travels…

  2. edtNZ Says:

    Following your new set of travels with interest…Keep up the excellent posts…regards edt