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Sep '09

Davis, NC to Yadkinville, NC via Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, NC – 293 miles

While I was getting ready to get on the motorcycle at 10:00 this morning I could not believe how hot and muggy it was. I was sweating profusely and had to wear my riding suit as I do not have any place to store it on the motorcycle. It only got a little better after I was on the road. I had to make stops for gas and lunch before it finally got cloudy and cooled down near Raleigh.

There was only one place to get a Nationla Parks Tour stamp near my route from my Dad’s house to my friend’s house in Yadkinville, NC. It was raining lightly in Greensboro when I got off the interstate and made my way to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. This was a site of a large and hotly contested Revolutionary War battle. There is a driving tour of the battlefield starting at the visitor center.

Got to my friends’ house about 4:30 in a light drizzle and made it up their very steep partially paved driveway covered with leaves and pine needles. It is going to be pretty interesting going back down.

National Parks Tour progress so far – 22 sites, 14 states.

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