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Sep '09

Yadkinville, NC to Yadkinville, NC via Winston-Salem, NC and W. Kerr Scott Reservoir and The Blue Ridge Parkway – 338 miles

I have two goals for today. The first is to get a new rear tire mounted on my motorcycle. I ordered it by phone with Honda of Winston-Salem last week and they said they should have it in by today. The second goal is to get a bunch of stamps for my National Parks Tour.

I call Honda of Winston-Salem a little after 9:00 and inquire if my tire has arrived. The parts girl says it does not show up as being in on her computer but that they are still going through the deliveries, it is probably here and she will call me when it is in. I decide I need to get my day going and ride down to the dealership. When I get there the service manager tells me to bring the bike on in. I go to the parts counter and the parts guy finds the tire and brings it to the service manager. An hour later I am ready to leave.

If there are any Honda motorcycle dealers reading this they should strive to do what this dealership does. First, they gave me a discount when I purchased the tire from them. Second, they charge a flat rate for changing a tire, even though with my bike it is necessary to lube the rear splines with a special lubricant. And finally, they do tire changes immediately on a first come,first serve basis. This is great customer service and I really appreciate it.

After I got my new tire I headed out to collect National Park Tour stamps.

My first stop was the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir near Wilkesboro, NC to pick up an Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail stamp. The Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail is a work in progress and the stamps are available at diverse locations, such as this reservoir built by the Army Corps of Engineers.

I continue west and head south on the Blue Ridge Parkway when I get to it. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a motor road that extends from Waynesboro, VA to Cherokee, NC. It is slow-paced and commercial traffic is prohibited. It was very cold and windy when I got up to the parkway and I stopped at the first scenic overlook to put the insulated liner in my riding jacket.

I can pick up National Park Tour stamps at multiple locations on the Parkway and there are seven of them between Boone, NC and Asheville, NC. I get them at Cone Memorial Park, Linn Cove Viaduct, Linville Falls, the Museum of N.C. Minerals, Craggy Gardens, the Folk Art Center, and the Destination Center.

I also stopped and took a few pics along the way.

I was going to spend this evening visiting a friend in Asheville, but she called last night to say she had the flu, so when I finish I get off the parkway near Asheville and head back to my friends’ house in Yadkinville as quickly as possible so that I don’t miss dinner.

Woohoo! Eight stamps today.

National Parks Tour progress so far – 30 sites, 14 states.


2 comments to “Yadkinville, NC to Yadkinville, NC via Winston-Salem, NC and W. Kerr Scott Reservoir and The Blue Ridge Parkway – 338 miles”

  1. ob Says:

    what great pictures! your blog is great too! thanks for sharing your adventures! we’ll have to have lunch or dinner and i can check out your stamps! i am totally hyped to see ‘em… safe travels! see you soon.


  2. Savannah Says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.