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Oct '09

Gallup, NM to Durango, CO via Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, AZ – 278 miles

Got up early again and checked the weather. It was 42 degrees and the radar showed showers to the west heading northeast. Decided to wait until 9:00AM to leave so the temps could come up a little, but got restless and left earlier. In an effort to keep warm I wore jeans underneath my riding pants as well as my (non-working) electric vest and my rain jacket.

I ran into the first few drops of rain just north of Gallup. After turning west on Rt. 264 I ran into a fairly heavy downpour and then broke out into a sunny area between storms and had a beautiful rainbow to ride towards for a while. I ran into another heavy downpour that lasted long enough that I could feel the rain start to soak through my riding pants and then busted out of the rain showers on the west side.

I’m glad it was dry at the Hubbell Trading Post because the entrance driveway is dirt.

The Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is the oldest continuously operating trading post on the Navajo nation. In addition to the trading post itself is a National Park Service visitor center. I poked around the trading post a bit and then walked over to the visitor center and got my National Parks Tour stamp.

Here is a picture of the trading post..

and here is a picture of the visitor center.

Woohoo! This stamp is my 25th state and completes the requirement of 50 sites in 25 states I need to get my National Parks Tour certificate from the Iron Butt Association.

Heading west from the trading post and then north on US 191 I see a storm approaching from the west. As I travel north it is getting closer and closer and I’m concerned it is going to catch me before I turn east on US 160. Even though I am racing the storm I stopped and took a few pictures of it.

I managed to beat the storm to the intersection with US 160 and headed east. Got back to Durango in the early afternoon, put the bike in the storage unit and retrieved the car. It felt strange to be driving in the car after three weeks on the motorcycle. I’ll be staying in Durango for a few days to catch up on people and things.

National Parks Tour progress so far – 54 sites, 25 states.

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1 Comment » to “Gallup, NM to Durango, CO via Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, AZ – 278 miles”

  1. edtNZ Says:

    TY Curtis, excellent blogging of your travels. I shall miss my dayly read…regards edt