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Nov '09

Fort Walton Beach, FL to Hendersonville, NC – 524 miles

Well it is time to leave the beach and head up to North Carolina to stay with my friend Carrie. I’ve enjoyed my couple of days in Florida.

I head north out of Fort Walton Beach and pass by/through Eglin Air Force Base. I keep on secondary roads and US highways through southern Alabama. The roads are pleasant, but not too fast as I have to go through many little towns.

When I reach I-85 the pace quickens considerably. Heading towards Atalanta is like being in a NASCAR race. People are going 20 mph over the speed limit even going through construction zones with county Sheriff cars sitting right next to the road. I guess they can’t stop everybody, so they don’t even try.

The GPS instructions are confusing going through Atlanta and I end up taking the wrong exit and having to wander around downtown Atlanta for 10 or 15 minutes to get back on the right road.

Atlanta to Greenville, SC continues the high-speed part of my journey. In Greenville I get off on secondary roads to go up to Hendersonville. It is dark by now and it is a little disconcerting trying to go the speed limit on these unfamiliar roads.

Carrie’s house is in a fairly new development and my GPS does not have her address, and I don’t really remember how to get to her house. When I get to Hendersonville I get off at the closest exit from I-26 and stop to have a fast food dinner. While I am eating I pull out my laptop and find her address in Google Maps.  I finally arrive about 7:30PM. I haven’t seen Carrie in about 3 years and I get a big hug and a cold beer when I get to her place.

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