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May '10

Durango, CO to Ouray, CO to Durango, CO – 157 miles

I am starting a new tour called the Titanic Grand Tour. To complete this tour I have to go to at least 25 towns that end in “ton” or “burg” (or “berg”, or “burgh”).

For today’s ride I had two goals in mind. To bag my first town in the grand tour and to test out a new video camera mounted to the motorcycle.  I got out to the storage unit where I keep the bike a little after noon. The temperature was pretty comfortable but I knew it would be much colder in the mountains. Since the video camera only has batteries and memory enough for two hours I decided to wait until I got to Silverton to put it on the bike and start it.

The ride to Silverton was uneventful. The snow is still melting and there were a few places where rocks had fallen on to the road and there are still some patches of sand left over from winter.  When I got to Silverton I positioned the bike and my flag for the picture. The rules say I have to have the town sign, my rally flag and a major portion of the motorcycle in the picture. It was pretty windy and I had a hard time getting the flag to stay put. I am going to have to devise a better way of mounting it for the future.

I crossed the road to a gas station and topped the bike up and then went in to the convenience store. The lights on the video camera are too dim to see in any kind of normal light, so I went in to the rest room and turned off the lights I pressed the power button and then the record button on the camera. The record button was flashing (as it should) so I went back out and mounted the camera on the bike.

The ride to Ouray was kind of chilly and the weather started getting worse. I turned around at the overlook before getting to town and headed back. This is the section of the road I really wanted to get on video. There are very shear drop offs and no guide rails in most places. The mountains are very spectacular. I kept on riding when I got to Silverton and was almost back to Durango when I saw a drop or two of rain on my face shield and stopped to take the camera off the bike. Went back and parked the bike and drove straight home. I was really anxious to see how the video had turned out.

When I got home I hooked the camera up to the computer to check out what I had taken. I pulled up the memory card in the camera and there was…..NOTHING! Arrgh!

I don’t know what happened but I am thoroughly bummed.  Guess you will have to wait until another blog entry to see some video.

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