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May '10

Durango, CO to Farmington, NM to Durango, CO – 120 miles

The GF was available for a motorcycle ride today so we decided to go to Farmington, NM and get another city in my Titanic World Tour.

The sky looked kind of strange on the way out to the storage unit because of the wind and the amount of dust in the air. In fact it was bad enough that the GF asked if we needed to worry about rain. The rain would not be a problem but the winds were fairly stiff.

Before leaving I attached the little video camera in hopes of getting some usable footage. The lights are impossible to see in the daylight so I opened the storage unit back up and made sure it was recording before attaching it to the bike. We were a few miles out of town when I remembered that I had forgotten to attach the tether to the camera and we pulled over for a minute to fix that little problem.

The winds were fairly stiff but mostly almost straight ahead on the way down to Farmington.  The GF hasn’t ridden in winds like that before and she was a little scared and hung on tight. We pulled up at the “Welcome to Farmington” sign and took pics for the world tour.

The trip back to Durango was much more pleasant with a tailwind and the GF took a few pics while riding.

All in all a nice little ride.

I still didn’t get any video from the camera. It seems that if it runs out of room or battery it doesn’t write the file header and the video just shows up as having zero length. Arrgh!

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