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Aug '09

Durango, CO to Colorado Springs, CO – 307 miles

After a couple of days of rest and relaxation in Durango I am still not having any luck finding a place to live with a month to month lease. I owe my dear friend Leslie in Kansas City a visit and she is willing to let me couch surf at her place for a while.

Decided to take the car (no boos and hisses please) so I made a trip out to the storage unit to grab some more stuff to take with me and had lunch with my friend Dr. Erika Chopich (www.innerbonding.com). We had great burgers at The Old Tymer’s Cafe in Durango.

Stopped back out at the storage unit on the way out of town to grab a jacket, so I didn’t really get on the road until almost 1:00PM. Not really a problem. I’m not expected in Kansas City until tomorrow evening.

Nearing Wolf Creek Pass I run into some construction and get out and take some pictures.

The rest of the trip to Colorado Springs is pretty uneventful. I pass the place where I had my bad scare two weeks ago and I recognize it immediately.

I have a very nice room at a Best Western near the airport, but the air conditioning does not appear to be working. I’ve tried opening the window but that still isn’t cutting it. I hate to have to change rooms after getting settled in, but this is unacceptable.


2 comments to “Durango, CO to Colorado Springs, CO – 307 miles”

  1. edt Says:

    Hope you got the aircon sorted in your room. Best of luck in your new travels…Will read daily…regards edt

  2. ivy Says:

    BOO and HISSSSSS! what?! no bike? LAME! just kidding =P

    safe travels, Darlin’…