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Aug '09

Colorado Springs, CO to Kansas City, MO – 581 Miles

My friend Leslie asked me not to arrive at her house in Kansas City until 7:00 PM so I set my GPS to use the shortest route instead of the fastest route and headed out across the plains of eastern Colorado.

I was out in the middle of nowhere when I spotted what appeared to be a large pile of snow next to the road. I thought that was just an odd enough thing to see in August that I went back and took a couple of pictures.

I touched it just to be sure it was snow and not styrofoam or something. It was cold and had some icy sections to it. I wondered where it could have come from until I got farther down the road and came upon this.

It was about a mile wide as I drove through west to east it and stretched from horizon to horizon north and south. I don’t know if this is actually snow or the remains of a very large and deep area of hail. Either way it was a pretty strange thing to see in the middle of August.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. I had a CD of driving songs in the CD player set to random and when I was about 50 miles from Leslie’s house the song Kansas City played. I love little coincidences like that.

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