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Aug '09

Kansas City, MO to La Junta, CO – 553 miles

After spending almost a week with my friend Leslie it’s time to head back to Durango to check the mail and visit with the GF and friends. Had a great time at Leslie’s. She had Friday off and Saturday we were able to catch up with an old college roommate I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. We went down to the Power & Light District, ate a great dinner and a few adult beverages.

Leaving Leslie’s I set the GPS to shortest distance mode as I really didn’t have to rush to get back to Durango. It directed me along the interstates until west of Salina, KS and then I got off on some 2-lane roads angling south and west through western Kansas.

The following picture is pretty much the view I had all day. An arrow straight road with a grain elevator off in the distance.

I continued on into Colorado, where it was still flat, but turned a little greener. Approaching La Junta, CO I called a Super 8 and asked about the room rate. The rate was good, but by the time I got there the No Vacancy sign was up. I ended up at very clean mom & pop place and had a good meal at a chinese restaurant nearby.

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